Greetings from Shanghai

Hello or ni hao!

Ni hao is a common greeting in China which also means Hello. Hope you are all doing very well! Like I said in my first post, I had many moments of tough challenges in adjusting to Shanghai. One of the biggest challenges was finding healthy food that I could actually afford. In Shanghai, there are many Western food options, but many of those options are not doable for everyday eating. Last week, I went to have burgers at this high-end Western restaurant called Blue Frog with my friends in Hengshan. It was Monday which means buy one burger and get one free burger. Even with the price split between my friends and I, I still paid 45 RMB which was a steal, given how nice the place and service was.


And then there is always those local restaurants that cost 10-25 RMB or stall food that costs 5-10 RMB for a meal. Stall food could equate to what we call fast-food in the US. It tastes good, no actually its delicious, but it might not always be good for you.


Anyways I was pretty bummed not being able to eat the foods that I normally eat in the US. Some of you guys probably know that I have been classically trained in Culinary school. When you learn how to cook in various cuisines, you are able to identify certain oils and ingredients in what you eat. I was eating things that I would normally stay clear away from. I found myself constantly consuming foods with ample amount of oil, and carbs. Not to mention, I am a very physically active person. I usually go to the gym five times a week to either swim, run or participate in boot camp classes. I have not signed up with a gym yet, and I can tell that my energy level is lower.

So I was talking about my frustrations with my boyfriend the other day, and after I was done ranting, he reminded me of how I much I do enjoy cooking, and that I should just try to cook my own meals, despite that my gas burner was not working. He also reminded me to try something new while I was in Shanghai, and he  recommended me to start blogging about my recipes. Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Evelyn who is also in my grad program about significant others, and she mentioned that it is probably harder to being a relationship while you are far away from that person. In my case, I am really grateful for Brandon because in some odd way we do keep each other company, despite the distance. We don’t get to talk all the time, but we text on a daily basis and we have video chats twice a week.


After our conversation, I ended up going to the Carrefour which is a huge grocery store filled with both Chinese and foreign products. Man am I glad to have gone. I have been so busy but I forgot how much grocery shopping has a way of cheering my spirits up. Even though Care four is a foreign grocery store, it still limited and some of the foreign products can be very expensive, so I have to be mindful of what I take to check out.




At Carefour, I found a french salad blend, and I bought the staples of making a vinagerette. I made an awesome tangy salami salad.


The next day I sauteed some chicken tenderloin that I marinated in pesto.

IMG_9434 Btw, I made an awesome Chicken Briyani the other day. I’ll have to figure out how I can upload those photos from my Nikon camera into my computer so that I can share with you all. Thanks for reading my updates! Hoped you all enjoyed all the food pictures!


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