What’s Spicy, Savory, Sour and Sweet?.. It’s my Chicken Biryani

Two days later, I went back to Carrefour with the hope of finding the ingredients I needed to make Chicken Biryani. Biryani is a Mediterranean and Indian rice dish. I’ve had many good Biryani, but my former quad mate, Shahla, has this amazing family recipe, so I was hoping to recreate a recipe that I can be proud of as well.  Biryani is basically a spiced curry rice dish mingled with a type of meat, and usually topped with some tangy yogurt, and sprinkled with something sweet and  nuts. This dish hits all the notes in your palette. It’s spicy, savory, sour, and sweet!

This here is the finished product. Let see how this was made…
I cut the chicken into bite size pieces. I used a Thai curry because I didn’t want to buy turmeric, curry and coriander separately. This one has great flavor and only cost 5 RMB. I used a Yoplait yogurt for that tangy zing at the end.
I marinated the chicken with a liberal amount of S&P, along with some of the curry paste a 2 T of yogurt. Then I started to brown my chicken.


I don’t know why this photo is so aesthetically appealing to me. So basically I dumped a block of pre-made rice that was cooked with assorted veggies at Carefour.
Once I mixed the rice together, I got added my raisins, and a few more spoonful of yogurt, so it would be extra creamy. Here is the finished product!
& another!
One for now and a box of Biryani for later!

I apologize if I do not write the recipes out. I actually don’t own measuring cups or measuring spoons. I normally just freestyle most of my recipes as I go. If you wish for the recipe, I can do my best to think of the approximates of each ingredient.

Thanks for reading my posts, it brings me so much encouragement.




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