Post-Shanghai Updates

As of now, I am back home living with my parents- and as each day approaches it seems clearer that it will be more of a permanent situation. Originally, I started “The Tilly Series,” as a means for me to connect with friends and family during my year in Shanghai. Although I regretted not being as consistent with posting blogs, I enjoyed using Word press as a platform to connect and share my thoughts, so much so, that it is with great joy to announce that I am going to continue blogging even after China. So stay tuned with the new updates and new pictures !

Within the next year, additionally, to blogging about food, I want to start writing blogs about personal finances. Personal finances…like WHAT? Yea, it seems very random. But actually, this idea stemmed from finally coming to the realization that in the past, I have made some not–so-good financial decisions. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to get real about what it will take to do some damage control on some of those not-so-good decisions and begin to revert my thinking about money by learning and developing better financial habits. If you’re on the same page as me and would like to live a wholesome lifestyle without breaking the bank, follow me as I embark on this life-long journey of being financially responsible. I can promise you now, that without a doubt, you will be disappointed by me from the stories I tell you. But see that’s the whole point, we learn from other people’s bad mistake.

Okay back to updates! I love being back in the sunny state of California. What’s not to love when there’s a blue sky hovering over us, all day, everyday? One of my fondest memories since being back is the abundance of farmer markets in the area. I’ve been obsessed with eating avocados on an English muffin. Let me break it down. Basically, it’s a toasted English muffins with thick slices of avocado, drizzled with olive oil, and a huge glob of balsamic syrup sprinkled with a little S&P. Phew, that’s doing the much, but I’m telling you its finger-licking good. Occasionally to mix it up, I’ve been using my mom’s Vitamix  blender to make green juices and it’s like my choice food plan.

FullSizeRender (4)
First farmer’s market trip since being back at home. Yes, I bought myself some flowers 🙂 I am also in love with my leather peplum jacket I bought from a Zara’s when I was in Suzhou, China. 



I joined a gym…. And it has a pool. YAAS! The other day I pulled a quad muscle 20 minutes into a body pump exercise class. To top it off, I was in the front of the large class- I had that moment of should I push through so I won’t have to walk the hall of shame or should I leave and not risk hurting myself. I opted out and I am glad I did. I went swimming and got a dose of that Vitamin-D like my doctor had suggested. On my way home, I passed by Michael’s Craft store and did a small sale haul. I made an inspiration wall with some of the items in a small corner of my room.

I have a standing desk from IKEA and I think I’m never going back to conventional desks ! I got the other decor from various places mainly IKEA and Target. The cross is made with Jerusalem wood which I think is super dope! 


I’m like just spewing my laundry list of random events. Anyways to more important things other than avocados on English muffins, I have been able to spend some good ol’ quality time with some friends and family. When I first arrived, I stayed with Tiff one of my really good friends who lives currently in Northridge. I’ve been frequently visiting both of my grandmothers, and I’ve been hanging out with my baby cousin Max. In the past, prior to teaching, I never considered myself a ‘children person’ but my baby cousin Max has a genuine smile that makes my heart jumps in glee every time.


Late afternoon at the park with Mighty Max! He started walking recently and he is just loving each step he takes. He leads & I follow. 


But to be honest, as much as I’ve been enjoying quality time with others, I ‘ve been having feelings of loneliness. It could be a combination of many reasons and some are even personal reasons. But this will sound like ‘a yea duh moment’ but most of my friends are grown-ups! As in they have jobs, priorities, and bills. On several occasions, I called a few of my friends while they were at work, not even realizing that 9-5 is working time for most people.

It seems like most people have their solid friend groups, a significant other and some even have their children now. To be quite candid, at times, I feel like an outsider.  I don’t feel that I am connected with others. I went to celebrate my friend’s baby shower two weeks ago, and I only recognized a handful of women in a room full of women. I had a few awkward moments and a few pauses thinking to myself- did I really just say that?  I went to a block party the other day and I felt out of place, slightly intimidated by having to do greeting introductions, what felt like a series of redundant elevator speeches. This is all to say that it’s been somewhat hard- it’s been every harder to come to grips that I am also an adult now too.


That’s me adulting. Me, myself & I, having tacos in bed at 3 pm. 


Back to the grown-up stuff, I am done with grad school. My thesis has been approved so now it’s just a matter of waiting for the diploma. I have been looking actively at jobs. I’ve sent out my resumes. I wrote six cover letters last week and I am 99% positive that I’ll be sending more resumes writing more cover letters next week. I went to three interviews with the same company. Though I am unemployed now, I am content with not working at this moment. In the meantime, I am soaking up the free time reading books, watching movies and grocery shopping at random times of the day. My parents have been super supportive of this transitional phase which helps takes the pressure off me to jump into working right away.


So this pretty much sums up the whole update. Thank you all to those reading. Remember to look for the upcoming updates and the personal finance blogs. If you have any effective tips for finding jobs, I would love to know. Please leave me a comment below for any other questions, suggestions or comments.

Until next time,




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