Talk like a Food Expert

Believe me, if I could just talk about food all day, I would. I love to eat something and go into details upon details about what I like and what I don’t like. So today, I want to share some of my favorite food vocabularies with you guys & the good news is that none of these words came naturally to me, but trust me when I can say that these words can become part of your word economy with some diligent practice! If you can go beyond saying something is tasty and why, you will go far and impress people along the way. 

So below is a list of food vocabularies categorized by the flavor profiles found in food. Read through some of these words and make it a point to try to use it the next time you get an opportunity. I threw in two other food categories that are also extremely important when describing the texture of  certain foods and the overall experience or encounter with a particular food experience. 


Sour  acidic, tangy, lemony, tart, pickled, briny, vinegary, zesty, citrusy, 

Sweet syrupy, fruity, honey, caramelized, candied 

Salty savory, if something salty, just say that it’s salty….   

Bitter pungent, dark, sharp, deep, burnt, blackened, overpowering 

Spicy zingy, gingery, fiery, strong, peppery

Texture seared, crunchy, light, heavy, fluffy, sticky, stale spongy, crispy, smooth, runny, whipped, toasted, buttery, chewy, creamy, raw, tender, greasy, crusty

Experiential words aromatic, lip smacking, oozing, succulent, wholesome, yummy, orgasmic, mouth-watering, bland 

Alright folks, don’t forget to consciously try adopting some of these vocabularies next time you encounter a food experience. Before you know it, you’ll become the food expert among your friends and family!

Till next time,



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