Rekindling with the Red Sauce: The Red Pesto


Recently, I rekindled with one of my long -lost sauces: the red pesto. About a decade ago, I first discovered this sauce at an Italian restaurant close by my mom’s work. What sets the restaurant apart from many other Italian restaurants is their killer red pesto served along with crusty pieces of bread, basically the best precursor, before the meal.

A quick disclaimer about this sauce is to proceed with caution for it is beyond addicting.Not even exaggerating but I might have eaten a whole baguette in one sitting. I can have that red pesto over any fancy, top-of-the-line green pesto any day. Lately, I was thinking about this sauce (truthfully for about a month now) and I finally got around to doing it.

Making it was awfully easy-  kinda made me wonder why it’s taken me all these years to actually make the red pesto. Anyways, here are some photos of me rekindling my red pesto flame back in the kitchen.

FullSizeRender (7)
Here are all the ingredients needed to make this sauce. In the photo, there is three jar of sundried tomatoes strips in olive oil, hence the red color of the sauce. There is a handful of fresh basil leaves and next to it is a bowl of olive oil. Traditional green pesto uses pine nuts but I like to use walnuts. I find that the walnuts produces a grittier consistency and earthier flavor in the sauce. Maintaining a gritty theme, I added shredded parmesan cheese oppose to powdered parmesan cheese. 


FullSizeRender (8)
Normally to make a pesto, I would recommend using a food processor, but I was too lazy to find it so I used my Vitamix. So basically I ground the sundried tomato into a paste like consistency and blended in the cheese, basil, nuts, and basil afterward. I only used the pulse function otherwise, the pesto sauce would have turned into a tarnished sundried tomato smoothie. During the pulsating process, I added a good amount of oil and slashed some occasional balsamic vinegar. Again, I did not follow a recipe. The great thing about this sauce is that you can keep adjusting based on you taste buds and preference. 


And Viola! Here is the finished product of the red pesto. I serve this alongside crusty baguette bread. 


It’s a great dip to bring for a potluck or in my case a housewarming party. 


The rest of the remaining red pesto, I stored it in four original jars of the store-bought sundried tomatoes. As you can see, the sauce looks a bit oily. I drizzled extra olive oil before storing the sauce. The oil help retains the freshness of the sauce and keeps it nice and spreadable, and it has to be stored in the fridge. Also, these sauces are great artisanal gifts. 

Hope my pursuit of rekindling an old food flame inspires you to reignite your former food flames as well! Thanks again for reading!

Hungry as always,









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