Keto Inspired Avocado Bacon, Egg Breakfast Bowl (Recipe Video and Recipe Card Included)

Keto-Inspired Recipe

Avocado Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bowl

Over the weekend, I spent a good amount of time scrambling in the rain to film a 5-ingredient, Keto- friendly, Bacon Avocado Egg Breakfast Bowl recipe. Inspired by Jaime Oliver’s simplistic, outdoor cooking style, I took it upon myself to build a make-shift kitchen and actually film the entire process in my very own backyard! I purchased an Outdoor Kitchen Cart  (Bed Bath and Beyond) and an Induction Cooktop from (Amazon) and “voila!”, I was ready to follow in Jaime’s footsteps and create amazing meals with the simplest of ingredients and the least amount of cooking utensils.

In this recipe, I share some of my favorite hacks, including my secret to make your scrambled egg extra moist and fluffy. Below is the Youtube Video and Recipe Card of the quick and easy 5-ingredient Keto Inspired Avocado, Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bowl!


Keto Avocado Breakfast bowl RC


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