About Me

Welcome to my new blog!

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I’m intimidated to write an About Me post, so here goes. The Tilly Series is about my weekly adventures here in Shanghai, China. But who knows ? Maybe I’ll continue blogging about life even after China. All my life, everyone has known me as Sam. Tilly is actually my middle name and it is a translation of my Chinese name, so I thought it was fitting to title my blog The Tilly Series.

I was born and raised in the suburban pockets of California. I currently live in Shanghai, China, working as an English teacher by night and weekends, and a grad student in between teaching English. Both of my parents are of a Chinese descent, which would make me an ABC (American Born Chinese) woman. I am blending in this busy city quite well with the locals, except for one thing, I do not speak the mandarin language which makes my experience here twice as interesting. In my spare time, I hope to blog more and take pictures of the food I eat, and try new recipes that I will concoct from my tiny purple kitchen.


I am starting this blog to document my new experiences here in Shanghai. My personal goal of this blog is to dedicate more time to writing. I like to encourage myself to write in a setting that allows me to creatively free write with no pressure. Also, another goal of mine is to keep my loved ones at home informed with my whereabouts in Shanghai. I apologize ahead of time if I confuse you with my writing because often times I barley catch my own writing mistakes, but I will do my best to communicate to you readers, as best as I can.

Thank you for reading, and I hope my blog brings you joy!

Sending you all with love,



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