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Interviewing Rosa Li, founder of Wildwonder

Using Nymble: Chicken Pepper Stir Fry

Fried Rice Cooking Demo on Daytime Chicago at WGN9TV

Beta Tester for Kittch (an online culinary streaming platform) To sign up for my Sunday streams, click here!

Using a SAKI Air Fryer: Make a Roasted Cauliflower

Mayapinion: Women for Women Wednesday with Maya Roffler

The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast with Sheena Yap Chan

Amazon Best Seller Author, Co-Author: Asian Women Who Boss Up

Women With Vision Podcast with Tam Luc: Learning to Love the Company of Yourself

EIN Presswire Article: Bestselling Author Samantha Mui Rewrote her Story to Follow her Passion for Food

Speaker at Imagine Talks 2021: Your own Personal Brand

Food Network, Supermarket Stakeout: Carnivores Unite, Season 3, Episode 2

Imagine Talks Podcast: Budding Food Network Star & Author Shares Her Cooking Inspiration

Eastwind Books of Berkeley: Author Spotlight

Anaheim Magazine, Melting Pot Presents: Weekend Brunch Recipe

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Eat Your Books, Jenny’s Best Cookbooks of Fall/Autumn 2020

Eat Your Books, Cookbook Tidbits Feature by Jenny Hartin

Eat Your Books, Quick Bites Interview by Jenny Hartin  

Guest on KQED Check Please Bay Area Season 12 Episode 3

Guest on Nigerian Kitchen: SF Soma Street Food Park Mukbang

Speaker at Imagine Talks 2018 : Memoirs of A Culinary Dropout

Mike’s Mighty Good: Peanut Butter & Clam, Spicy Pork Flavored Ramen Advertisement

La Bamba, Mountain View Restaurant Commercial

Dumpling Time x Koast Kombucha Commercial

Easy Chinese with Ching He- Huang and Chef Bill Sy, Season 1, Episode 11: Cantonese Cuisine