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Melting Pot – Stories and Recipes of a Chinese American Daydreamer

“Melting Pot isn’t just a cookbook-it’s a heartfelt, delicious journey and coming together of East and West guided by Mui’s warm, authentic, and relatable voice. You will magically be transported from the page into Mui’s kitchen and guided on a wonderful culinary journey to feed your stomach and soul. A delightful read you will want to devour cover to cover!” – Dion Lim, anchor-reporter at ABC7 in San Francisco and author of Make Your Moment

“Melting Pot is an enchanting story of food and recipes that showcases Mui’s unique journey and transformation from the child of immigrant parents into a strong culinary artist. Using accessible ingredients and simple techniques, Mui recreates dishes that are packed with flavors reminiscent of home, and can be replicated in any home cook’s kitchen. It’s a book I’ll be keeping on my kitchen shelf.” – Grace Keh, author of Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco

PALO ALTO, CA, August 28, 2020 – What started as a messy, idea-filled 100 page draft on Google Docs became the “Melting Pot”, a book so beautiful that it could be found in the curated section in the most trendy bookstore boutiques or displayed on your coffee table. A 240 page cookbook, 11 short stories, and 66 recipes, Melting Pot is currently available on sale at Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and several local Bay Area bookstores.

Samantha Mui learns rules just to break them and learns recipes just to put her own twist on them. Growing up as an ABC (American Born Chinese), she never felt American enough nor did she ever feel Chinese enough. Her rebellious nature showed up in the kitchen as she experimented with flavors and merged different palates. Cooking helped her realize that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It was through food that she processed and came to fully embrace her dual identity, and the “Melting Pot” brings you through that journey with her. 

Each recipe ties back to a specific season in her life, told through the perspective of her younger self. Food, being the great unifier, is the vehicle through which she shares her truth in hopes of helping others feel less alone in their journeys towards self acceptance. Self publishing gave her the freedom to be authentic. Mui uses food as a trojan horse to tell raw stories about her personal struggles with her dual identity, and to share her culture with the broader audience. 



Samantha Mui is a native of the California Bay Area. A former culinary student and current food blogger, she has worked in and out of the food industry for more than a decade. Her cooking style is inspired by her travels abroad where she has experienced culture through cuisine. She has been a guest on the Bay Area TV show Check, Please! You can see what she’s cooking up on her blog and elsewhere.

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